Business Excellence - TOP 5 Series

In Conversation- Nick Mautone Top Five Tips For Hospitality Professionals

July 25, 2022 Rael Bricker and Lindsay Adams Season 2 Episode 13
Business Excellence - TOP 5 Series
In Conversation- Nick Mautone Top Five Tips For Hospitality Professionals
Show Notes

“It goes back to leadership, but on a more tactical measure than leading with your core values are leading for excellence as opposed to profitability.”

Nick's Top Five Tips For Hospitality Professionals

1. Lead and manage through core values to create a common mission

2. Lead and manage for excellence not just profitability 

3. The food and beverage need to be great – your hospitality needs to be greater.
4. How you use your fire defines how you lead in the moment.

5. Genuinely Communicate with your employees 


00:45 How Nick came into hospitality

05:21 Leading beyond profitability

11:10 Different cultures would have different approaches

17:42 Summary of the Top Five Tips 

Where to find Nick?



Who is Nick Mautone? 

With 40 years of hospitality industry experience, Nick Mautone believes in the power of mentorship, leadership, collaboration, and possibility.  Nick is the architect of an inventive process called “Hospitality Sabermetrics” — think Moneyball for Hospitality and has a sixth sense when it comes to foreseeing trends. He is known for nurturing sustained success, streamlining operations, and aligning core values in every sort of hospitality business. For Nick Mautone, the spark came as a young kid growing up in Mt. Vernon, NY where he spent weekends making cheese and handmade pasta for his dad’s specialty food business. While he dreamed of becoming a NASA scientist (and still loves looking up at the stars), he worked his way through school in restaurants—bussing tables and backing bars. Eventually he and his siblings opened an innovative pizzeria, American Pie, on the Upper West Side. Science became a hobby, and restaurants became his life. 

Since then, Nick has worked with some of the most iconic and influential restaurants in the world including Gotham Bar & Grill, Hudson River Club, and most notably, Gramercy Tavern where he was managing partner alongside Danny Meyer and Tom Colicchio for seven years and helped define and nurture a fledgling idea Danny and the group coined called “Enlightened Hospitality.” With decades of experience behind him, in 2003, Nick founded his management and consulting business, Mautone Enterprises. The business was born of a desire to share his process, experience, mentorship, and leadership. Whether building a strong foundation for a first-time restaurateur, or turning around a big ship on the wrong course, for Nick the process is about grass roots collaboration, helping chefs and owners come together, developing systems for success, and digging deep into the numbers and the P&L, to uncover what needs to be tweaked, edited, or completely uprooted, delivering holistic success—including profitability, streamlined and efficient operations, a sense of community, harmony, and growth among all staff, and sustainability of concept. 
Nick is a strong believer in active participation in the community and has worked with many local and national charities. He has been an advisor and fundraiser to non-profits focused on childhood education and on hunger relief and poverty alleviation. These days, Nick lives outside Seattle where he hangs out with his family—his daughter Alexandra (28), son Nicholas (15), and wife Terri Ludwig. He is an avid reader and cyclist, and a terrible but enthusiastic amateur astronomer...