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In Conversation - Fiona Demark Top Five Tips For Overcoming Adversity

July 11, 2022 Rael Bricker and Lindsay Adams Season 2 Episode 11
Business Excellence
In Conversation - Fiona Demark Top Five Tips For Overcoming Adversity
Show Notes

“I think sometimes it's really tough to even start the process, because quite often we're not aware that they're there. So, the first step is becoming aware of them.” 

Top Five (plus a bonus) Tips for Overcoming Adversity

1.       Stop the Negative thoughts  

2.       Being Grateful for what is working right now  

3.       Being aware of your talent 

4.       Have a plan 

5.       Have a go to that you know you will change your mindset

6.       We all need adversity  


01:36 Becoming aware of your negative thoughts

07:08 Becoming aware of your talents

12:28 Setting goals

16:21 Summary of top five tips 


Where to find Fiona?




Who is Fiona Demark? 

Fiona Demark is an inspirational Speaker and resilience Coach. She helps people who are stuck and frustrated with their lives to create a new reality. Fiona has been legally blind since birth and loves to share her story of resilience, positivity, and life achievements to inspire and motivate others.

Fiona knows the importance of a positive mindset and a ‘Can Do’ attitude. This has helped Fiona to overcome adversity and think outside the square in order to achieve her dreams. Her interest in natural therapies has led her to study hypnotherapy and reiki to compliment her skills in coaching and social work. After moving from the Outback to the city to complete her Social Work studies at University, Fiona has worked with a range of people to support her clients through significant life changes. Fiona is the proud mother of two teenage daughters, works a full-time job at Department of Transport , and manages her own business.

Fiona loves adventure, often being pillion passenger on her husband’s motorcycle. “Riding around Phillip Island at 300kmph was something I will always remember.”

Fiona lives her life focusing on her main four senses that now work more efficiently than if Fiona could see. “I love the smell of rain, clean clothes, and the bookstore. (Yes, I go to the bookstore and smell the books – even though I use audio and eBooks to read!) I love the touch of the sun on my skin, the wind in my hair and hugs from loved ones. The taste of a great meal or glass of wine are things I savour. And of course, my hearing. I enjoy reading audio books, chatting with friends, and listening to a wide range of music.” Fiona never says “No.” to a challenge or opportunity, never letting her disability prevent her from achieving the things she sets her mind to. Fiona speaks to community groups, job seekers, and corporate organisations to share her story of inspiration, motivating others to set goals and achieve their dreams.