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In Conversation- Maz Farrelly Top Five Tips For Having The X Factor!

September 05, 2022 Rael Bricker and Lindsay Adams Season 2 Episode 19
Business Excellence
In Conversation- Maz Farrelly Top Five Tips For Having The X Factor!
Show Notes

“ I think I would say to everyone who's listening to this, really do think about why you are unique, why you are different. Because if you are, you will get my attention. And I say my attention, I mean, the attention of whoever it is that you're interested in, in getting. So, you know, if it's an event organiser, or if it's your CEO, or you know, whoever it is, if you offer something different to the marketplace, something unique, you can never be replaced. If you're the person in the office, who has a unique view, they can never replace you. Because there's everyone else. And then there's you. And that's a very, very powerful position.” 


Top Five Tips for Having the X Factor

1.          How to be noticed and remembered for all the right reasons

2.          How to enter a room and own it 

3.          How to cut through the noise

4.          How to be different.

5.          What’s your one line?



01:15 Having the X Factor

08:19 Welcome to Can of Worms

15:11 How to stand out

18:09 You need to be interesting


Where to find Maz




Who is Maz Farrelly? 

Maz has been to more showbiz parties than Kim Kardashian’s Spanx and down more red carpets than a Dyson vacuum.  Her contacts contain bigger names than the toilet queue at the Oscars and if you can stick a name plate on it and hand it over to loud applause, she’s won it – BAFTAs, Logies, ASTRAS, Royal Television Society Awards, UK Comedy Awards, Bronze Rose De Montreux. If you’ve watched it, Maz probably made it – here in Australia, LA and London - the biggest shows in the world, with the biggest teams, the biggest budgets, the biggest audiences and the biggest stars.  Her content has been watched more than eight billion times worldwide.     

Maz deals in the most precious commodity on earth – ATTENTION. 

Attention is everything.

In her TV and film career, Maz engaged huge audiences making her shows the No 1 shows every time.

Maz understands that if a show doesn’t grab your attention in the first thirty seconds, you’re gone and you’re not coming back. Millions down the drain. It’s the same in business. It doesn’t matter if you have the best service, product, idea, or concept in the world, if no one is paying attention to you, you’re dead in the water.

As Director of Television Content at Fremantle Media Australia, Executive Editor of Format Entertainment at BBC UK and Creative Strategist for BBC World-Wide, Maz has been pitched more than 10,000 times and interviewed more than 12,000 hopeful contestants.

ATTENTION – your business depends on it