Business Excellence

In Conversation-John Follis Top Five Tips on Being The Best in Your Profession

September 12, 2022 Rael Bricker and Lindsay Adams Season 2 Episode 20
Business Excellence
In Conversation-John Follis Top Five Tips on Being The Best in Your Profession
Show Notes

“You have to realise that you succeed in direct proportion to the amount that you help others succeed. So, it's not all about you and your success and how much money you're making. At the end of the day. It's going to be about how much you can help the guy who's sitting across the desk deciding whether he should give you a job.” 


John’s Top Five Tips for Being the Best in Your Profession

 1.       It starts with a decision to WANT to be the best.

2.       Then you must put yourself in a position to learn from the best. (the best schools, cities, work environment, etc)

3.       Determination and persistence is key.

4.       Relatedly, you must be able to rebound, as quick as possible, from setbacks.

5.       Lastly, you cannot let your ambition cloud your methods. Lying, cheating, and deceiving
to "be the best" will ultimately tarnish your reputation despite whatever you might achieve.



00:51 Surrounding yourself with the best

05:27 Do not get discouraged

09:45 Helping others

11:04 The definition of success differs 


Where to find John




Who is John Follis? 

John Follis is a creative Madison Ave adman who worked for the top NY agencies on accounts including Coke, VW, and Pizza Hut. He then co-founded his own agency, Follis & Verdi, which became one of the most awarded in the US. His successful campaigns were covered in USA Today, Forbes, NYT, the Harvard Business Review and a marketing textbook. 

John then focused on helping small business owners across the US via one of the first online marketing consulting models (via Skype) which he started in 2004. 

As a result of his career success, he's been invited to write for ADWEEK and speak at venues including The World Business Academy and Yale University. And, for a successful public service campaign that he spearheaded, he was honored at The White House.