Business Excellence

In Conversation- Kevin Bees Top Five Tips To Maximize Your Profitability

October 31, 2022 Rael Bricker and Lindsay Adams Season 2 Episode 26
Business Excellence
In Conversation- Kevin Bees Top Five Tips To Maximize Your Profitability
Show Notes

"Do you know your conversion rate? If you don't let's start there as to find out what it is this guy we dug into it, he had a 20% conversion rate. So, for every five people his team spoke with, he would get you know one of those become a client. And I asked him when he was doing the sales and selling how many how much would he convert? And he said he would convert 80% of the time, right? So, he would get four out of five. So, there's big disparity there. So, we set to work and identify what were the gaps? How could we get that sales up to 50%? Could we get the teams to be moving that way? Now we set that as a standard. And we put in some small steps and processes along the way. Now within three to six months, his team were up to 40%. So, they're going from 20% to 40%, just by focusing on making a few small tweaks and changes. So, if his conversion double, then of course his whole business doubled." 



01:02 Why isn’t the business working? 

06:45 Better to ask a question, than not to. 

16:00 Ensuring the value matches the price 

18:16 Knowing your conversion rate is important 


Kevin Bees Top Five To Maximize Your Profitability. 

1. Mindset first

2. Ask better questions

3. Count Your Wins Daily

4. Give tips to maximise profit today

5. Always finish strong by anchoring the value. 


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Who is Kevin Bees? 

Kevin Bees is Australia’s leading Profit Maximisation Expert. With almost 2 decades of experience as a senior leader, financial strategist and international speaker, Kevin has worked with organizations like Airbus, Intel Corporation, Qantas Business Travel, Hills Hoist, and thousands of small to medium sized business owners to improve their results. Kevin quickly improves business profit, cash flow and net worth using his skills in financial strategy, sales, marketing, and operations. His clients enjoy the benefits of his mastery in human behaviour and change to make lasting differences in the performance of them, their teams, and their organization. Kevin has been trusted by Tony Robbins to speak at several of his events, and to coach his top-level clients, including world champion athletes, and senior leaders from organizations such as Amazon, Nike, Walmart, BCG and many more. Kevin has made it a mission to learn from the world’s best in human performance and business, and he shares this wisdom, and interviews through his podcast, ‘Life Changing Questions’ has received more than 40,000+downloads. Kevin lives in Australia with his wife Jodie and their two children.