Business Excellence - TOP 5 Series

In Conversation- Hank Van Der Merwe Top Five Tips for Resilience

November 07, 2022 Rael Bricker and Lindsay Adams Season 2 Episode 27
Business Excellence - TOP 5 Series
In Conversation- Hank Van Der Merwe Top Five Tips for Resilience
Show Notes

“So, need to have an accountability partner. I have somebody I speak to almost daily, just to say, Hey, this is what's happening, you know, I share the ups and the downs. Otherwise, all you do is carry everything on your shoulder. And eventually, the pressure gets too much.” 


00:50 Figuring it out

05:41 How our values shape our choices

11:33 The company you keep

17:33 A promise to yourself

Hank Van Der Merwe Top Five Tips For Resilience 

1. A purpose, guided by valued

2. A pathway from outcomes to actions 

3. Principles, why they do what they do 

4. People as mentors for support

5. A promise to be the best in their world

Where to find Hank?



Contact                                +61 421 725 142


Who is Hank Van Der Merwe

Hank is an internationally recognised leadership development strategist, facilitator, keynote speaker, consultant, coach, and author on the subject of Business Leadership and High Performing Teams. With a comprehensive background in the ICT industry and 16 years of experience, Hank is one of the highest-rated consultants in his field internationally.

Hank has worked “C” level clients in over 26 countries from various industries including Mobile Telecommunications, ICT, Finance, Engineering, Mining, Pharmaceutical, Recruitment, FMCG, Manufacturing and Banking.

He has the ability to simplify complex problems and align organisational activity at all levels to ensure they operate at an optimal level.

Hank has completed the Management Advancement Programme from the University of the Witwatersrand, and Business & Life Skills Coaching (cum laude) from the University of Johannesburg, South Africa. His books have been endorsed by Ken Blanchard. Jesse Stoner, Martyn Newman and Fons Trompenaars, all leaders in their field.