Business Excellence - TOP 5 Series

In Conversation - Ken Stearns Top Five Tips For Trading It All In

May 01, 2023 Rael Bricker and Lindsay Adams Season 2 Episode 43
Business Excellence - TOP 5 Series
In Conversation - Ken Stearns Top Five Tips For Trading It All In
Show Notes

“Delegate, delegate, delegate, I've got a lot of stuff written around this one as well…For me, the first one that comes to mind is like an IT person, you know, they're supposed to approve something, and that just freezes 100 people until that's approved or reviewed or having a conference call about it. So, getting those decisions structurally out of your hands, into the people who can make them is critically important. Making sure you don't have centres, you know, gravitational centres of decision making that slow down the momentum and execution. And I'm a huge fan of starting as a leader, if you're not, if you're not putting your feet up on the desk and staring out the window one hour a day, you're headed for disaster.” 

 Ken Stearns Top Five Tips For Trading It All In

1.       Strategy, Structure, People – Perfect your organization.

2.       Tom Yum Team Building – A balanced approach.

3.       Rule of Momentum – You can’t stop things in motion.

4.       Delegate, Delegate, Delegate – Leverage your leadership.

5.       Buffalo Theory - Let the Wolves loose.



00:45 How the people on your team affect the success of your organisation.

04:31 The key is in the soup!

10:07 The need for delegation in leadership.

13:17 The Buffalo Theory.


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Ken Stearns Bio

For 20 years, Ken Stearns lived and worked in 15 countries across Asia, immersing himself in new cultures, languages, and experiences. Along the way, he found himself consumed by the thoughts inside himself, as they fought to be heard. Writing became his outlet, his way of processing the world around him and sharing his ideas with others. And with a lot of time on his hands in cars, planes, and airports it poured out of him. As he embraced change and pursued his passion for writing, he discovered new depths of growth and transformation. Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, but taking chances and trying new things can lead to unimaginable opportunities and personal fulfillment.


Ken’s Rules are a collection of life and business strategies that are an amalgamation of his life and business experiences. Ideas he picked up here and there, he looked at them as analogies for certain situations, theories to use, to learn from, thoughts, concepts, trials and personal experiments, presented to used here and there in your own life and business. In his early fifties, he decided to replace his habit of reading with writing while traveling. Little did he know that this simple change would lead him on a transformative journey of self-discovery and creativity.