Business Excellence - TOP 5 Series

In Conversation - Scott Bywater Top Five Tips For AI Email Marketing Tips

June 12, 2023 Rael Bricker and Lindsay Adams Season 2 Episode 49
Business Excellence - TOP 5 Series
In Conversation - Scott Bywater Top Five Tips For AI Email Marketing Tips
Show Notes

“I think the first tip is really using your email list to book your calendar solid. And because we're what we all basically need to need to look at is very similar to Stephen Covey's begin with the end in mind with everything, so it's all great to be able to go on to chat GPT and whip up an email quickly. But at the end of the day, I look at it as like, well, that's great, you've got a brick, but unless you structure the bricks in the right way, they're not going to build a house.”

Scott Bywater’s Top Five Tips For AI Email Marketing Tips 

1. How to use your email list to book your calendar solid
 2. How to write winning emails in under 7 minutes, even if you’re a non-writer 
 3. Selling via email without being salesy: The "Third Way" technique 
 4. How to get your emails opened, when there's so much noise 
 5. How to turn your emails into a must-see TV series, by using cliff-hangers.


01:25 Why using AI to book your calendar is a MUST.

07:57 Making everything crystal clear.

11:13 Remove the ‘salesy’ nature in sales.

14:05 What the subject lines mean.

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Scott Bywater Bio 

As a sought-after speaker Scott Bywater has spoken at important digital marketing events such as Breakthrough4Business, The Collective Digital Marketing Summit (see recordings of two of his presentations on this page) and many others. And he’s facilitated countless workshops and brainstorming session with clients and top CEO’s all over Australia. His keynotes and presentations have inspired business owners from all walks of life and given them critical strategies needed to get (and remain) competitive in the ever-changing marketing landscape. He’s worked directly with thousands of clients in over 167 different industries in both Australia and worldwide – including Knowledge Source, Bodytrim, Jim’s Mowing, Skin Physics, Mercola, and hundreds of others around the country.  Many clients hold him on retainers as their virtual CMO (Chief marketing officer) and say, “the changes he’s made to their bottom line is astronomical.” Many more hire him regularly to orchestrate six-figure launches and seven-figure marketing campaigns. He’s an expert lead generator, email marketing strategist and world-class copywriter retained by many of the world’s best direct marketing companies. Unlike many marketing advisers and so-called experts, Scott has worked with nearly every category of businesses in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer including leading direct marketers throughout Australia, Canada, USA, and the United Kingdom. He’s spent his entire career solving complex marketing problems for business owners and generated thousands of leads for businesses performing below their potential. Scott is passionate about guiding others to achieve their own version of business success. He says “I’m passionate about giving people the truth, in what is a somewhat confusing marketplace. I love taking a business owner from total confusion about what to do to grow their business… to a space of knowing with certainty the steps involved, and that with each step they are moving towards their goals, objectives, and outcomes.” 

Scott lives with his wife Helen and son Ethan in Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia and serves clients across the U.S, Canada, UK, Australia, and the world at large.