Business Excellence - TOP 5 Series

In Conversation - Gerard McCarthy Top Five Tips For A Brilliant You

June 19, 2023 Rael Bricker and Lindsay Adams Season 2 Episode 50
Business Excellence - TOP 5 Series
In Conversation - Gerard McCarthy Top Five Tips For A Brilliant You
Show Notes

“And I guess the other thing that is that, to get clarity, a good question to ask is, are you winning from love? Or are you winning from fear? What's your modus operandi. And are you what are you sacrificing for your success? Because success without fulfilment is a pretty awful place to be”

Gerard McCarthy Top Five Tips For a Brilliant You 

1.       Clarity Mindset

2.       Connection Mindset

3.       Purpose Mindset

4.       Performance Mindset

5.       Brilliant Mindset


01:39 The love story with yourself.

06:07 How often can you change your mindset. 

13:18 How your background might shape your present.

19:08 Sometimes excellence is unachievable.

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Gerard McCarthy Bio

Gerard is the rebel marketer of Brilliant You Pty Ltd the Rapid Results Coaching Company transforming willing business owners who are wondering - "is this all there is" to brilliant, happy, and successful people, even if they think it is impossible right now. Keeping it simple I work with – the 4 Anchors Heart, Head, Health, & Soul and all aspects of it.  The 180 degree challenge helping people with Clarity, Connection, Purpose, Performance and Being Brilliant.  

Gerard was born in Cork Ireland. Moved to Sydney Australia in 1986. Currently the owner of Brilliant You Pty Ltd. Previously director of 3 different companies CAD group Australia Pty Ltd, Personal Development &  McCarthy Estate Agents, Principal for 20 years. 

Gerard was 30 when his plan of work hard and play harder no longer worked. Crashed and burned – needed help. He has crashed and burned a few times and can share a few valuable lessons. 

Topics he is passionate about discussing: Real Stuff - The lonely seat of leadership, Heart love,  vulnerability, shame, joy, play, gratitude, Relationships, infidelity, connection. Anger, Soul work, trauma, co-dependency. Mindset, self-esteem. Eating to help you heal. Football, fitness, bike riding, Dogs, passion, intimacy, depression, addiction, fear.