Business Excellence - TOP 5 Series

In Conversation - Wendy Nash Top Five Tips For Running A Business

June 26, 2023 Rael Bricker and Lindsay Adams Season 2 Episode 51
Business Excellence - TOP 5 Series
In Conversation - Wendy Nash Top Five Tips For Running A Business
Show Notes

“The first word in a question is often the most important. So, if you ask, Why did you do that, then that comes across as accusatory. And then you're setting up a more aggressive space, but if you open instead with what was going on for you, or tell me what was going on for you? Or how did that arise? Or where did I go wrong? So those first questions, and those first words in those questions is really where it sets the tone. The way you start a conversation is where you end a conversation.” 

Wendy Nash Top Five Tips (Plus One!) For Running A Business

1.       Be curious about your blind spots.

2.       When a conversation goes awry, engage with the impact                                                       of what you said not your intention.

3.       Be kind to yourself.

4.       Nip problems in the bud.

5.       Use tasks to ensure you don’t miss deadlines. 

6.       If you’re the CEO or leader, be conscious about the culture you want to create. 


04:48 How to ignite the spark.

11:42 How you open up a conversation is important. 

18:42 Nipping things in the bud.

24:20 Diversity is key.

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Wendy Nash Bio

Wendy Nash helps ambitious high-tech startup founders improve productivity and decrease procrastination without increasing their workload to build a profitable business and not burn out. Unlike other life coaches, she works with knowing the mind, not just the mindset. It’s not just overcoming your limiting beliefs! 

Wendy created a process called Meditation Coaching where she guides people to set up and maintain a regular meditation practice that fits with their lifestyle and improves understanding themselves in order to understand others better. If you think loving-kindness meditation is only for the soft and weak, bring to mind someone who rejected your business idea or funding proposal and wish them kindness and care – it’s tough! This meditation process helps gain awareness with what you’re good at and where the gaps are so you grow a sound business. Wendy’s clients achieved financially strong businesses despite cofounder conflict, funding rejections, staff underperformance, almost burning out, investor negotiations, constant fear of failure and pivoting new directions in work and life. In other words, she focuses on turning negatives into supercharged positives. 

Fun facts about Wendy

  •   Her favorite line from the somatic psychotherapy course was another student who said The one common denominator of all my relationships is me
  •  For her psychology honors project on loving kindness meditation, she tested the Javascript research survey with ABBA songs. 
  •  Her project from the 2-year meditation teacher training was creating a class on How to be happier without doing more which meant a whole lot of doing more.
  • She doesn’t always enjoy meditation but slogs at it because what it takes today it gives tomorrow whereas she figured out that party drugs give today but take tomorrow.